Glass Half Full Triptych


Acrylic 120*80 Each piece

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   Close up of Red Wine Glasses on a Contrasting Black Background.  This is an outstandingly huge piece of Artwork.

This really is a stunningly large three piece (triptych) set which can be kept as one for a huge wall or separate off onto different walls.

These acrylic designs are the epitome of modern, fresh, and cool décor – for both the home and the office.  This Triptych is particularly large so would quite easily go into any bar or restaurant.

When a photograph is split between 3 different panels, your wall art takes on a whole new look and feel. The separation in the photo is visually engaging, while physically the space between the panels covers more wall space. This style of multi panel wall art is great if you have a large blank wall you need to cover.

This gorgeous artwork will stand out from all others be it for residential or business settings.

High quality acrylic artworks that offer state of the art technology for high definition and beautiful vibrant colours

SIZE 120  x 80 cm each panel – THREE PANELS = 240 x 120 cm





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