Stormy Blue Triptych


Acrylic 70*50 Each piece

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 This gorgeous three piece triptych wall art is absolutely stunning with its paua shell colours with dashes of orange contrasting through.  Can be place together as illustrated or placed separately on different walls.

When an image is split between 3 different panels, your wall art takes on a whole new look and feel. The separation in the image is visually engaging, while physically the space between the panels covers more wall space. This style of multi panel wall art is great if you have a large blank wall you need to cover.

Printed on the underside of thick clear polished acrylic then sprayed over top gives it a shiny high gloss finish for high definition and beautiful vibrant colours.

When purchasing, there is a protective layer that you peel off the front for that perfect high resolution and definition of colour.

SIZE 70 x 50 cm each panel – THREE PANELS = 150 x 70 cm


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